Coffee Machine Maintenance Plan


Frontier Coffee Maintenance Plan

The piece of mind coffee machine repair plan FREE with every machine purchase or rental*

In these tough economic times, you and your staff want to enjoy your coffee, knowing that there are going to be NO additional costs over and above the purchase of the machine and the actual ingredients used in it.



Free call outs to repair my coffee machine



Free replacement of wear and tear parts



Pure filtered water in my coffee



Piece of mind knowing that my coffee machine will not cost me a cent more



Free delivery of high quality ingredients 

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Terms and conditions apply

The benefits of a maintenance plan

Remember, you’ll pay nothing for repairs and ongoing maintenance so long as you agree to the above. We will visit your site to repair any faults you report and we will also do preventative maintenance to help keep your machine working hard like it should!


  • VendPlan is FREE
  • Comes standard with all coffee vending machines
  • Ensure that all ingredients used in the coffee machine is supplied by us
  • Just use the water filters we supply.
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