Trovato Instant Gold – (looks like Jacobs Kronung but clients says it tastes better!)

For the last few months we have been hard at work, developing and testing a new recipe for instant coffee. We were looking for an instant coffee that can compete with the more famous home brands and we have finally found what we are looking for. At the most affordable price and best quality, we can now launch our own instant vending machine coffee, Trovato, Instant Gold!

This is a German, high quality, freeze-dried blend that compares to Jacobs Krӧnung and the likes of Nescafe Gold. Due to our growing relationship with our supplier, we can bring down the price for you and simultaneously offer better-quality coffee. 

Trovato Instant Gold – “Same taste you love, in a new recipe”

The basic principle of freeze drying coffee is the removal of water by sublimation, freeze drying has grown in popularity to become a common method. Although it is more expensive, it generally results in a higher-quality product.

If you are curious to try our new recipe, place an order with our consumables department by emailing them here [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind Regards,
The Frontier Team

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