Why rent a coffee machine?

It is a tough time for businesses in our economy.  Seemingly, few want to commit resources to long term investments and consumers are tightening their belts. So managers are faced with a real dilemma. How to save money while growing their businesses? Looking after your staff People are a business’s really major asset and what we see is that ver ...

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Coffee Machine Rentals

Short Term Coffee Machine, Coffee Vending Machine and Filter Coffee Machine Rentals Frontier is proud to offer various coffee machines on short term rental periods for conferences, events and other periods where a good cup of coffee is a must! Everything from the coffee to the machine to the sugar and milk and even a trained barista is available on ...

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Bean vs Instant office coffee vending machines

Keeping it real! In my last post I mentioned how easy it was for me/us (delete as applicable!) to get trapped in the thinking of the past. While reminiscing on all that has changed, and being in the coffee trade, I got to thinking that one massive area of “past-meeting-present” is the “Nestle vending machine call”. It goes som ...

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