No matter what brand, shape or model… all coffee machines need repairs and services and we repair coffee machines !

0ptions for coffee machinesCoffee machine repair needed? Don’t know who to contact? Contact us.

We repair many different makes of coffee machines and coffee vending machines. If we do not repair your brand of coffee machine, chances are we know who does! We’d be happy to tell you.

Don’t have time to drop off or collect your coffee machine with us?

If you live in Gauteng  or Cape Town, we’ll come to you or pick up your broken coffee machine and deliver your working coffee machine back to you. Live elsewhere? We’ll arrange a courier. Office or Home.

Expert technicians fix coffee machines fast!

We know that being without your coffee machine is a crisis. A BIG crisis. So our technicians are trained to move fast… not rush … but move fast. You’ll get a complete warrantied repair guaranteed!

communication by phone to keep you informed of your coffee machine repairCommunication!

Don’t you just hate it when no-one tells you what is happening with your repair? Are they working on it? Must I call?

We keep you informed… its why we have been doing this for 17 years! We’ll look after you and your coffee machine.

Things you can do with very little effort to reduce coffee machine errors

Don’t forget that you can help by keeping your machine clean using system cleaning tablets at appropriate intervals. These remove the oils from surfac es such as the brewer unit and prevent clogging.

You can also descale your coffee machine regularly and a once a week clean your milk system with a milk system cleaner (if you have an automatic coffee machine). Trynot to use coffee beans with excess oil expression as these can also increase the oiliness of parts.

Finally, think about using water filters and/or filtered water for both health and low calcium content. It is the calcium that causes scaling and that can lead to reduced water temperature and also blockages of small pipes.

We’ll give you information free of charge so please don’t worry when your coffee machine splutters and dies…

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