Vending Sugar (1kg)

R19.95 (excl VAT)

Our vending sugar is manufacturerd for use in coffee vending machines. It is a quick dissolving sugar that will not block the mixing bowl and will not form hard crusts on the canister nozzles.

We offer it in boxes of 10 x 1kg and foil packed for freshness.



Do you need to use vending sugar? It is a question we are often asked by clients. The answer is that it will eliminate blockages in the  mixing bowls of your coffee vending machines and reduce the chances of damage to your canister mechanisms. But, the choice remains yours.

Essentially, vending sugar is a finer ground sugar that dissolves more readily when mixed with hot water. It therefore does not accumulate at the bottom of your mixing bowls. If that happens, after the water flows out and the bowl dries somewhat, that sugar crystalises into larger lumps. Over time (a few days), it builds up like a snowball and eventually becomes hard enough to resist the dissolving effects of hot water.

In the canister, what we notice happening is that the hygroscopic nature of sugar attracts moisture. There is no shortage of steam in a coffee vending machine because by its very nature, it is producing hot water for your coffee! The steam causes clogging of the nozzles and eventually the exit to the canister can be blocked. Internally, the canister can also clog up and we have had the odd breakage of the spiral screw as it pushes against a hard substance that refuses to go anywhere!

Vending sugar helps to reduce these effects, but of course, cleanliness and daily cleaning can reduce these effects too. So if you are very good at regular cleaning, you can use regular sugar and save a few cents.

Since our vending sugar is only a few cents more a cup than regular sugar, we do recommend it be used. The choice is yours though as regular sugar will also operate correctly in the coffee machine.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 15 cm