Trovato Swiss Hot Chocolate (1 x 25kg)

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Our Trovato Swiss Hot Chocolate is formulated to have more milk and this gives it more of a dairy milk flavour. It is also slightly sweeter than our Belgian Hot Chocolate.

This 25kg bag is perfect for the larger office or catering environment where bulk hot chocolate is needed.


Our Trovato Swiss hot chocolate is formulated to provide a creamy hot chocolate without a heavy chocolate, or cocoa, flavour. It is therefore more representative of Swiss chocolate making than that of Belgium, where cocoa plays a stronger role in the chocolate. If you prefer deeper chocolate taste, then try our Trovato Belgian hot chocolate.

We talk loosely about hot chocolate though and while our clients know that when they order “Trovato Swiss hot chocolate” they are getting a powder to put through their coffee machine, the terminology is not quite correct. So let’s look at what hot chocolate is and how it differs in definition.

There are actually three very different drinks that get referred to as “hot chocolate drinks”

First there is “hot cocoa”. This drink is made from ground cocoa powder. Cocoa powder comes from the cacao (pronounced Ka-Kow) bean. It is in effect a ground cacao bean where the cocoa butter has been extracted. This powder is thus not very creamy, but has a dark chocolate taste.

Usually sugar and fresh milk is then added to make a cup of creamy, sweet hot chocolate.

The second type is actually made from a chocolate slab that is melted down into liquid chocolate and this is the correct definition of “hot chocolate”. This is usually a dark chocolate to release the cocoa flavour into the drink. Of course, milk and sugar can also be added.

The last type is what we actually offer you and that is an instant hot chocolate mix. It contains cocoa, milk powder, sugar and additional food products that aid in quick mixing into water. You’ll know that it is not easy to mix cocoa powder into water, even if the water is hot because cocoa powder, even with the cocoa butter removed, still contains fat and this doesn’t mix well with water.  So we add emulsifiers that help fat and water mix.

It is just so much easier to have an instant hot chocolate powder on hand than it is to try melt a slab of chocolate… and hot cocoa takes too long to make properly. So for easy drinking, try our Trovato Swiss hot chocolate in a 25kg bag.

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