Dallmayr Monaco Espresso Beans (1 x 1 kg)

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Dallmayr Monaco replaces our Trovato Roma blend

This product is provided in a 1kg bag that has a one-way valve to prevent entry of oxygen.

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Dallmayr Monaco  replaces our Trovato Roma espresso bean blend.

Guatemalan coffee offers fuller body than the Brazilian and it also brings sweet flavours to the blend. You can definitely taste the chocolate and caramel flavours in medium roast beans!

There are 8 recognised coffee growing regions in Guatemala: Antigua, Acatenago, Atitlán, Coban, Fraijane, Huehuetenango, Nuevo Oriente and San Marcos. They differ dramatically in altitude, rainfall and soils.

For example, Acatenago is 2000 feet above sea level, has low temperatures and rich volcanic soils, whereas Coban is cold and wet all year and with high humidity and clay soils. Not surprisingly, Acatenago coffee is described as high in acidity and Coban coffee is balanced, medium-body, lower acid and brighter in flavour.

We only select SHB or “strictly hard bean” coffee for their fruity acidity and in particular we choose coffees from the  Huehuetenango region because of their lighter acidity. Grown at over 5000 feet, this bean is surprisingly complex because it presents a paradox in being mild, but complex enough to deliver good fruit flavours. The floral fragrance is pronounced, and even novices can detect this.

When roasted, this coffee offers fruit flavours when light roasted and more complex chocolate notes as the roast darkens. We roast to a medium roast profile that accentuates both. This flavour is characteristic of the pleasant taste that citrus adds to dark chocolate.


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