Trovato Milano Espresso Beans (1 x 1kg)

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Trovato Milano Espresso Beans are a mild blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee beans. Easy on the palate but with good body.

Packed in 1kg bags with coffee valve that allows carbon dioxide out but does not let oxygen back in to preserve the freshest coffee beans.

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Our Trovato Milano espresso beans were the first blend we introduced from our new roastery in 2006. Starting our roastery was a massive undertaking and today that roastery is called The Famous Brands Coffee Company. The roastery supplies Mugg & Bean, Wimpy, Tashas and more, with great coffee.

But here we want to introduce you to Ethiopian coffee because it makes our Milano esppresso bean blend taste unique (It is such a big topic to cover so click  Ethiopian coffee to learn about the different regions).

While Ethiopia is ranked the 7th largest producer of coffee, it also has the reputation for only exporting half of that. The reason being that Ethiopians drink half of what is produced… talk about backing your product!

The country is known for its arabica coffees and it produces  Shortberry, Longberry and Peaberry varieties. If you didn’t already know, Longberry varieties produce the largest, high quality beans whereas shortberry, is smaller but of no less quality. The peaberry beans, are somewhat unique and characteristically offer the chocolate notes that make for the mocha flavours.

The country has very distinct coffee growing regions but what is common to all is the low acidity and fruity taste profile. Indeed, there are not many countries that can offer the floral flavours that Ethiopian coffee does. That is what makes our Milano espresso beans such a treat.

Much of the credit here goes to the processing of the beans. Traditionally, most has been dry processed, otherwise known as sun drying. Increasingly though, Ethiopian wet processed coffee has gained favour for producing smoother flavour profiles than naturally processed coffees. As they have a mild body and pleasant acidity, these wet processed coffees are very useful additions to blends like the Milano espresso beans, that want to accentuate citrus or floral flavours.

Our preference remains for unwashed or sun dried Ethiopian coffee, and we’ll look at the regions and types of coffee we buy for our Trovato Milano espresso beans here.

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