Trovato Italia Espresso Beans (6 x 1kg)

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Trovato Italia Espresso Beans (6 x 1kg) are a single origin Brazilian bean.

Made with the Bourbon variety grown in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil, this full bodied bean has very little acidity and makes for great coffee drinks that contain milk.

Taste the flavour of Brazilian coffee in every cup!

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Our Trovato Italia Espresso Beans are made from 100% Brazil Santos coffee. This coffee is known for its chocolate undertone and low acidity. Our roast brings out the incredible body that makes this coffee perfect with coffee drinks that contain milk.

But why are we using a Brazilian coffee and calling it Italia?

The answer is that we are recognising the Italian coffee industry and in particular the Italian roast.

A French roast is the darkest roast and the beans will look dark and oily. The taste profile is very strong . Too strong for all the South African coffee drinkers from Cape Town to Johannesburg and beyond!

Now the Italian roast profile is different. It is a darker roast that the New York roast BUT there should be no oil, or just slight traces of oil, on the beans.

This requires a skilled roaster because there is such a thing as “just right” and the roaster will need to manage the final roast temperature and the temperature increase pattern, to get the bean to the darkness required, without encouraging oil formation. Another key area for the roaster to master is cooling the beans. This too can either increase or decrease oil formation after a few days.

Why is this important? Well we don’t want the goodness of your coffee outside the bean! We wat it locked into your bean, and secondly, excess oils can cause the powder to clog and make operating your coffee machine more difficult.

The Italians have got this right! So to extend our appreciation for the skill in roasting, we have named this bean Trovato Italia espresso beans!

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