Trovato Italia Espresso Beans (1 x 1kg)

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Trovato Italia is a single origin Brazilian Santos coffee with unusual smoothness. This low acidity but full bodied coffee is perfect for coffee drinks that have foamed or steamed milk. Cappuccino or caffe latte are exceptionally good with this blend.

Take a sip, close your eyes and be transformed into the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Samba the night away!

Packed in 1kg coffee bags with one-way valve to keep oxygen out of your coffee.

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Our Trovato Italia espresso beans are a 100% Brazilian coffee product. We have discussed why we believe Brazilian coffee is so good in two other products, our 1kg Trovato Barista espresso beans and our 6x1kg Trovato Barista espresso bean products. Have a look there to read up about just how  much coffee Brazil produces and why Brazilian coffee tastes so good.

Here we want to tell you why we use a “Santos” coffee.

The first thing to know is that there is no “Santos” growing region. There is a state called “Espirito Santo” but it is not the name behind “Santos”. It is in fact a large producer of Robusta coffee beans. We do not use robusta in our Italia espresso beans.

No, the name “Santos” has everything to do with the port of export, Santos. This is the busiest port in Brazil and more, it is the busiest port in Latin America. With 36 million bags of coffee exported a year from Brazil, this should come as no surprise!

So Santos is just a brand applied to coffee that is exported from the region and behind it is the variety that is commonly exported: Bourbon Santos. Coming largely from the states of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, this variety offers a mid to high quality coffee that is mainly shipped from this port. It is the only bean in our Trovato Italia espresso beans.

Its popularity comes from its characteristic medium body with low acidity. The low acidity comes from being grown at slightly lower altitude, but that said, this variety generally offers more acidity than other Brazilian coffees. Acidity is a necessary component of good coffee (to a point of course).

For that reason, although not considered the pinnacle of speciality coffee, the flavour profile, body and acidity level, make this an incredibly smooth, yet full coffee.

We know that every cup of coffee made with Trovato Italia espresso beans will be full bodied, rounded and low in acidity.

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