Trovato Gold Freeze Dried Instant Coffee (1 x 200g)(Jacobs Kronung Equivalent)

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We all love Jacobs Kronung right? So we went to Germany and tracked down the factory where freeze dried coffee is made and imported it as our Trovato Gold coffee. Remarkable taste but at a lower price! Freeze dried coffee is far superior to soluble spray dried coffee so enjoy real coffee flavour at Nescafe Classic prices.

Buy yours in a 200g refill bag.


Our Trovato Gold freeze dried instant coffee is a truly awesome coffee, and being a freeze dried coffee, like Jacobs Kronung or Nescafe Gold, it brings out the coffee flavour as best an instant coffee can.

So what is a freeze dried coffee?

Essentially, coffee liquid is extracted from green beans, typically of the Robusta species because this is cheaper and offers a stronger taste profile. It is then placed in trays to a depth of a few millimetres.

The trays are placed in a drying chamber and then subjected to a rapid temperature drop which causes the liquid coffee extract to freeze. Then a vacuum is applied and heat is added. Instead of melting, the frozen coffee liquid simply dries out as water is sucked out as it appears. This part of the process can take time because one does not want to cook or burn the coffee.

A secondary drying then takes place with higher temperatures, but because there is very little water left, the coffee does not “cook” at these higher temperatures.

Finally, when dry, because the process also causes some solids to bond more closely than others, when the coffee is moved, it breaks into thousands of little granules like a mirror shattering.

It is undoubtedly a complex process and so the quality of this type of coffee depends both on the extraction process of the coffee liquids from the green beans and on getting the freeze drying process right.

Our Trovato Gold coffee comes from Germany where precision engineering is the norm. It is made by a company that has international credentials and so we can easily liken it to Jacobs Kronung.

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