Trovato Belgian Hot Chocolate (1 x 25kg)

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Our Belgian hot chocolate is formulated to have more cocoa taste. It is creamy, yet less sweet than our Swiss Hot Chocolate.

Enjoy this bulk bag of 25kg, specially packed for high usage coffee machines and catering applications.


Our Trovato Belgian hot chocolate is also sold in bulk cater packs of 25kg for companies that have many coffee machines, or are in the catering industry when bulk usage is common. This is the most economical pack size for these situations.

We have discussed the history of Belgian hot chocolate here, but what has not been touched on is the expertise of Belgium’s 2000 chocolatiers and why Belgium has a rich chocolate history.

One of the reasons Belgian chocolate is so special is because in 1884 a law was passed that required all chocolate to contain at least 35% cocoa. The authorities at the time were worried about low quality fat being added to the chocolate and they clamped down hard to prevent adulteration and to keep the chocolate as pure as possible.

The fact that this increased the costs of production, had an unintended benefit for Belgium’s chocolate industry. It made the Belgian chocolatiers more innovative and resulted in secret methods of making chocolate more economically… while still within the law. These methods were then passed down from generation to generation and because many of the chocolatiers were small and family owned and run, these remain secret to today.

The best known commercial brand of Belgian chocolate is Côte d’Or and it takes its name from the Gold Coast, which includes Ghana. It is in good company because the same company that owns it owns Cadbury too. However, the joy of Belgian hot chocolate, and chocolate in general, is the diversity of taste that these 2000 odd chocolatiers bring to their products. It is testimony to the saying that “in Belgium, you can eat many chocolates but never find the same taste twice”. It is a challenge many of us would jump at!

You can enjoy our Belgian hot chocolate by ordering yours here and you too will experience the deep cocoa flavour that differentiates it from our Swiss hot chocolate option.

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