Trovato Barista Espresso Beans (6 x 1kg)

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The Trovato Barista blend has been specially blended for coffee lovers who enjoy milk based espresso drinks like latte and cappuccino.

Roasted to a medium to dark colour, the beans release flavour without any bitterness for a rounded taste. The blend includes coffee from Brazil and specific estates in central South America which are known for their exceptional flavour profile.

Enjoy a box of 6 x 1kg packs.


A box containing 6 units of 1 kg Roma coffee beans

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Trovato Barista espresso beans are one of out top selling coffee blends. We believe it is because of the Brazilian coffee beans that we include in the blend. We previously discussed,  some of the advantages of Brazilian coffee and here we will introduce you to some interesting facts on Brazil as a coffee growing nation.

Far from being labelled as just a “mass producer of coffee”, Brazil’s coffee regions are in fact, incredibly diverse. Seven states produce coffee and with them, there are some fourteen regions where coffee is cultivated.

Just buying coffee from one state, say Minas Gerais in the south west of Brazil, means you could be buying very different coffee from Chapada de Minas or Sul de Minas or even Matas de Minas. This is in fact one of the states that provides one of the bean origins in the Trovato Barista espresso bean blend!

Coffee processing can involve leaving the coffee cherry to dry in the sun  to remove the pulp around the seed, or the pulp can be washed off. We prefer the unwashed process because the gradual drying adds more body to the bean and improves the roundness of the flavour.

The final reason for blending Brazilan coffee into the Trovato Barista espresso blend is that Brazil is incredibly strict on its coffee grading. It has to be to retain its status as the leading global coffee exporter.

So with confidence we can choose the coffee that has the profiles we look for and we can be sure it arrives with exactly the quality we need to produce this wonderful coffee.

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