Trovato Barista Espresso Beans (1 x 1 kg)

R199.00 (excl VAT)

The Trovato Barista blend has been specially prepared for South African coffee drinkers who want the roundness of a cappuccino, but also the taste of coffee… without bitterness.

Enjoy this medium roast blend of Brazilian and specific (and secret!) estate grown coffee.

This product is packed in a 1kg bag that has a one-way valve to prevent entry of oxygen.

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Trovato Barista Espresso beans contain Brazilian coffee beans.

Many of our clients ask “why does Brazilian coffee taste so good?” Well, you can read why by clicking the link, but what we wanted to do here is give you a little insight so you can share your knowledge of Brazilian coffee with family and friends!

Most people know that Brazil produces coffee, and in fact, Brazil is the largest producer of coffee globally.  While volumes fluctuate, it produces around 30 to 35% of all coffee grown globally.

That is enough to make 172 billion cups of coffee! Now there’s a dinner party conversation starter!

In some circles you will hear that Brazilian espresso beans are good but not great. This is simply not true, and we’ll tell you why here.

Brazilian coffee is known to have really good body and for that reason, many coffee blends use it to develop good body. The espresso beans also are known for sweet overtones which present as caramel and chocolate.

Perhaps the most appreciated, and that is why we incorporate Brazilian beans into our Trovato Barista espresso beans, is that they have a relatively low acidity. Many coffee boffins will tell you that acidity is important in a cup of good coffee, but we find that many South African coffee drinkers want coffee with strong body but low acidity. This is because most South Africans, and we serve coffee from Johannesburg to Cape Town, drink cappuccino as their “go-to” coffee.

Enjoy a cup of coffee made with Trovato Barista espresso beans and we guarantee that you will detect the sweet flavours, most notably chocolate in the blend we produce.

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