The Bianchi Sprint Bean to Cup

Black Coffee
White Coffee
Hot Chocolate
Hot water.



The Bianchi Sprint Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, perfect for an environment that demands REAL coffee! Using coffee beans that are only ground on making a selection, this coffee vending machine not only produces a coffee shop quality coffee, but is fast, convenient and very economical. Designed for an office of 15-50 staff members, this machine is attractive and functional and guarantees that your staff and customers will be well looked after.

Key Technologies

  • Fully automatic coffee machine with 8 selections, including a pre-select for variable sugar strength.
  • Espresso; black and white coffee; cappuccino; hot chocolate; moccachino; latte; chocochino; hot water. All drinks have a choice of with or without sugar.
  • We can programme the machine’s drink strength to your taste.
  • Canisters include Milk powder; coffee beans; sugar; hot chocolate.
  • From 125ml to 250ml.
  • Either water mains or a drum with a water pump (we can supply and fit).
  • Payment system can be set to free vend or we can fit a token acceptor or coin acceptor.
  • Dimensions are Height: 545 mm / width: 385 mm / depth: 440 mm / weight: 38 kg.

We offer a wide variety of office coffee vending machines to suit your business’ size and unique requirements. From the Instant Coffee options to the more complex aromas of the Bean to Cup options, there will be a machine to suit you. As leaders in the industry, we have come to know and understand that the coffee and hot beverage needs of each company is different. Therefore we offer a specialised corporate coffee solution that will provide your company with onsite staff, per cup billing and maintenance.