Sweetener – Trovato (Saccharin, Cyclamate and Acesulfame-K)(500 x 1g)

R109.00 (excl VAT)

This is the original low-kilojoule sweetener packed for us by B&C Agricultural in Johannesburg.

This product contains sodium cyclamate, sodium saccharin and Acesulfame K as the sweetness enhancers.

The product is offered as a reasonably priced alternative to sugar.

We offer this to you in boxes of 500  x 1g powder sachets.



Our Trovato sweetener offers you an artificial sweetener at an affordable price.

It contains three artificial sweeteners: sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate and Acesulfame K. It is an alternative to the Equisweet sucralose sweetener.

Of these, sodium cyclamate is a well known sweetener as it has been around since 1937 when it was discovered by a student who was developing new medications, and who put his cigarette down on the lab bench (really!), only to taste a sweetness when he picked it up.

It was developed further to mask bitterness in medications but eventually found its way into stores as an artificial sweetener. However it is one of the less sweet artificial sweeteners being only about 50 times as sweet as sugar. Sodium cyclamate is approved for use in over 130 countries including Europe but is not allowed to be used in the USA.

Saccharin on the other hand was discovered in the late 1800’s and is about 300 times as sweet as sugar. However, it has a drawback in that it can bring a metallic taint to the palate. It gained prevalence during the First World War when sugar was in limited supply.

It too has had its fair share of controversy in the USA in the period up to the 1960’s, but that had less to do with health issues than economic issues where sugar and corn farmers may have had a hand in trying to sway opinion about saccharin.

This sweetener is considered a safe chemical and is found worldwide in artificially sweetened products.

Acesulfame K was also discovered accidentally in 1967. It is about 200 times sweeter than sugar and is safe to use in moderate quantities.

The reason that Trovato sweetener has all three compounds in it is that each masks the slight bitterness of the other. Individually you may get the metallc taste, but together, you only taste a gentle sweetness!

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