Sugar Sachets – White (1000 x 4g)

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We supply white sugar sachets for clients who want the option of a sugar solution outside their coffee machines.

These 4g single serve, sachets are neat and convenient and provide one teaspoon equivalent of sweetness.

Offered in a box of 1000 sachets of 5g each.




White sugar sachets are a convenient way of offering sugar at coffee machine stations. These 4g sachets are equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar and are sealed for safety and hygiene. They are a far better alternative to leaving a suga bowl at the coffee machine station as they do not attract pests or leave a sticky mess on counters.

White sugar is a highly refined product and is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates can be simple through to complex and each has its own characteristics. Simple sugars, or monosaccharides, include glucose

These can bond with each other to form disaccharides and an example is sucrose (sugar!). Finally they can form more complex structures called polysaccharides and the best example is starch.

Our digestive enzymes break up polysaccharides and disaccharides into their monosaccharide forms such as glucose and fructose. This is what is absorbed into the blood and can cause challenges if in excess or where controlling agents like insulin are not present.

Commercially, sugar is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet, and in South Africa most comes from sugar cane. The world produced over 2 billion tonnes of it in 2018! Brazil is a major producer with over 40% of that total.

Brown sugar is converted to white sugar using a bleaching or carbonation process. For coffee vending machines, we prefer you use white sugar because it flows more freely and does not get as much water saturation as brown sugar does. That can lead to clogging and poorer mixing into coffee drinks. Note that when you make use of these white sugar sachets, you also free up a canister in your coffee machine for another product such as a chai tea latte or white chocolate latte powder. Both are delicious!

We do supply brown sugar sachets as well as these white sachets because brown sugar is the more natural of the two and the preference of many.

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