Sugar Sachets – Brown (1000 x 4g)

R129.00 (excl VAT)

We offer brown sugar in convenient 4g sachets for people who want a little less refined food in their diet, but still want the sweetness that brown sugar brings.

Store these at the coffee machine for quick and easy sugar addition to your favourite beverage.

Sold in boxes of 1000 units offering a 4g serve per sachet.



Brown sugar sachets offer a less refined sugar experience, but still bring the sweetness to your hot beverage.

In South Africa we source most of our sugar from sugar cane grown in Kwazulu Natal and Mpumalanga as it requires a warm and frost free climate for best results. In fact it is a very heavy consumer of water in its growth cycle and good rains and sound irrigation is necessary to grow it.

Its history, and its rise as a commodity, was of course associated with slavery in the 18th century and today the limitations of fully mechanising production, means that sugar still relies on relatively low paid labour.

Brown sugar is made by first crushing the cane to remove as much liquid as possible and this is then treated to stop enzyme action on the resultant liquid. This syrup is then concentrated before having small crystals added that start the sugar crystallisation process.

These crystals are in fact brown sugar and is either packed as brown sugar or taken further for conversion to white sugar.

Brown sugar is slightly more difficult to dissolve in water than refined white sugar and it is very hygroscopic. It is not a good candidate for coffee vending machine canisters as it becomes sticky and difficult to dispense.

However, given that it is less refined and considered more healthy, we are happy to place brown sugar sachets next to a coffee machine  for your enjoyment.

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