Ricoffy (1 x 1.5kg)

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The old favourite! Ricoffy has been the drink of choice for many years.

Ricoffy brings you coffee taste with economy. A blend of coffee and chicory, this is an easy drinking coffee that is enjoyed daily by so many South Africans.

We offer this product in 1.5kg tins.

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Ricoffy is a soluble coffee, much like Nescafe Classic is a soluble coffee, but there is a big difference between them. A very big difference in fact.

Nescafe Classic is a 100% pure soluble or instant coffee whereas Ricoffy is not. Ricoffy is in fact a composition of coffee, maltodextrin and chicory. The combination reduces costs while providing a very mild coffee flavour that is  appreciated and loved by people who are new to coffee and who like a milder taste.

So how was Ricoffy formulated and why add maltodextrin and chicory?

Nestle tell us that Ricoffy was actually born as Nescafe Ricory in 1952. The name being chosen to express the chicORY component. It was specially formulated to meet South African tastes because the French Huguenots first brought a chicory and coffee mix to South Africa.

Only in the 1970’s was the name changed to Ricoffy and more recently Nestle added variants such as Ricoffy Mild, Decaffeinated and 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 products.

The use of chicory in coffee has been known for over 200 years and its use is ascribed to a period in Europe when coffee was in short supply. It is the roots that are used to make chicory powder. Many people like it because while the drink resembles coffee, chicory has no caffeine.

The root itself is also quite nutritious with good quantities of manganese, Vitamins B6  and C and even folate. However, its supply of inulin, which is a fibre with weight loss and intestinal health properties make it an interesting plant.
Enjoy your cup of Ricoffy knowing that the chicory plant offers you health benefits while the coffee offers you that satisfying taste.

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