Coffee Cups – Ribbed (250ml x 1000)

R1,450.00 (excl VAT)

Our ribbed coffee cups are the pinnacle of value.

With insulation that exceeds the double walled cups, they come at a great price and are highly recommended for use with hot coffee, hot chocolate and hot tea drinks from coffee machines. We also supply coffee cup lids to improve portability and to reduce spillages.

We offer them in boxes of 1000 cups.

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Paper coffee cups come as hot walled cups, double walled cups and ribbed cups.

Each has a different heat insulation co-efficient and this makes it easier to hold a ribbed cup than a double walled or hot walled (single walled) cup.

Ribbed cups, which may also be called ripple cups, are made by creating small ridges that protrude above the rest of the paper. They differ from double walled cups, which have two layers of paper, but are smooth.

These ridges do two things. First, they move your fingers away from the rest of the wall and that helps to reduce heat transfer from the cup to your fingers.

Secondly, they create small air channels between your fingers and the cup that allow cooling to take place. A very similar principle to a radiator, but with air. Combined with the fingers being away from the hot surface, and with less surface area exposed to heat, your fingers do not feel as much heat.

Ribbed cups may be more expensive than single walled cups, but in office coffee enviroments, you will often see staff take two single walled cups and put one inside the other. The double cupping ends up in the cup component of the coffee costing more than one ribbed cup.

We strongly recommend the use of ribbed cups because of their heat rention properties, but we also supply a single hot walled coffee cup and polystyrene coffee cups. These are economical options for offices and catering establishments.


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