Platinum Blend Filter Coffee (50 x 80g)

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For the coffee lover who enjoys a full roast taste but without the harshness associated with it.

Blended from Brazilian and Central South American beans, the coffee is bold but smooth

Packed as 50 x 80g sachets.

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Platinum blend filter coffee was created with the office environment in mind.  These environments are busy places and filter coffee has to be available at all times right? So it’s likely that the glass bowl would sit on its heating plate a little longer than you’d like and as the coffee is used and evaporation takes place, you can end up with a harsh taste in the last few cups.

We wanted to avoid that and so we created the Platinum blend.

To do this we looked for bean origins known for their mild acidity and mild body when roasted, but which offered full flavour. The result was to build a foundation on Brazilian Santos  (we use this for our Italia espresso beans)  and to tweak it with coffee from Central South America, and most notably from Costa Rica.

We love Costa Rican coffee. In fact so do the people of Costa Rica and so much so that in 1989 they passed a law to prohibit the planting of inferior coffee!

The country itself is perfect for coffee growing with mountains, warm temperatures and plenty of rain. It also has defined seasonal pattern that presents as a wet and a dry season.

Over 70% of coffee is grown in the mountainous regions where volcanic soils provide higher soil oxygen and nutrient levels.  But Costa Rica has very different regions and there are in fact 8 recognised coffee growing regions. Each produces different coffee characteristics because of their soil, altitudes  and microclimates.

We prefer to purchase coffee from the Alajuela region which runs northwards from the centre of Costa Rica. This mid altitude region offers light acidity and fruity coffee from the preferred Caturra variety.

It is no surprise that the giants of the coffee industry, Starbucks and Costa are prolific buyers of Costa Rican coffee. So much so, that getting our preferred coffee is sometimes difficult. However, when we cannot get it for the Platinum blend filter coffee,. Costa Rica serves up just a good alternative and we can keep your flavour throughout the pot, even if you are the person to get the last cup after it has been on the heating pad for an hour!

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