Nestle Hot Chocolate (1 x 1kg)

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The tried and tested hot chocolate flavour!

Nestle’s hot chocolate recipe has been around for years! Enjoy a rich, but not too sweet, chocolate drink by mixing with hot water or hot milk. Allow our coffee vending machines to whip it up in the mixing bowls to a frothy milk chocolate for thos early mornings at the office!

Sold in 1kg tins.


Nestle hot chocolate is described by Nestle as being decadent!

Well whether you agree or not, there is indeed something about hot chocolate that is appealing. Especially on a cold day or late at night before bed. Who better than a Swiss company to develop a decadent hot chocolate then?

The allure of Nestle hot chocolate may be that it appeals to so many senses – we smell the chocolate, we see the rich brown liquid, we taste the sweet chocolate and we touch the hot mug…

It is not clear when Nestle launched Nestle hot chocolate but in 1934 they launched another wonder drink, Milo. This had its origins in Australia but it wasn’t long before it reached the rest of the world.

What we do know is that Nestle’s love affair with chocolate began in 1929 when it bought Switzerland’s largest chocolate company Peter-Cailler-Kohler. This 110 year-old company, started by François Louis Cailler, was indeed a founding forefather of what is today, the Swiss chocolate industry.

We can only assume that as chocolate bars became part of the Nestle legacy, that Nestle hot chocolate was an associated product too.

The popularity of the product can only be guessed from the size of Nestle as a company. The Swiss company has the honour of being the world’s largest fast moving consumer goods company in 2017 and turned over more than $90 billion. With 323 000 employees, a fair number of them being food scientists, you can be sure that every time you fill your coffee vending machine with Nestle hot chocolate, you have the latest and best tasting hot chocolate on hand!

We also supply a Belgian hot chocolate which accentuates the deep chocolate flavours in the drink profile. It’s worth the experience!

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