Nescafe Classic (1 x 200g)

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Nescafe Classic is our premium soluble coffee drink in a 200g glass jar.

100% coffee in granules just waiting for a cup of hot water to release its coffee flavour.

Perfect for use in coffee vending machines and a 200g glass jar will give you around 100 cups of satisfying coffee flavour.

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The old classic! Nescafe Classic is a soluble coffee made by Nestle and is the most popular instant coffee after Ricoffy in South Africa.

Nescafe Classic was originally developed after a request by the Brazilian authorities to Nestle in 1929 after the Wall Street crash, to assist in saving a surplus of coffee beans that the crash had caused, Nescafe has since gone on to become a global favourite.

However, no soon had it been released onto the market on 1 April 1938, it faced a very slow start to its rise as the global leader in the  soluble coffee category. In September 1939, the Second World War broke out.

But even war did not stop its advance as Nescafe was supplied to US troops in their ration packs and then exported to France, the UK and Germany after the war.  The presence of US servicemen in these countries only helped increase its popularity. The product was well received and it continued its growth path.

Today you’ll find Nescafe in over 180 countries including South Africa. The coffee was even taken on the first successful summiting of Mount Everest and it was taken on board Apollo 11 and in fact, landed on the moon. It’s no irony that when people say it’s out of this world, they really mean it!

We recommend Nescafe Classic for use in our instant coffee machines because it does not clog easily and dissolves in an instant. The granular nature of the product gives it superior flow properties from the canister into the mixing bowl.

The 200g bottle is also well sized to top up the canister in a coffee machine and so whether you are in Johannesburg, Cape Town or even Springbok, you can enjoy a good cup of economically priced Nescafe Classic anytime.

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