Nescafe Classic (1 x 1kg)

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Soluble coffee at its best. Try Nescafe Classic, South Africa’s favourite instant coffee, for a 100% soluble coffee choice.

Perfect in all coffee machines as it dissolves easily. and will not clog.

This 1kg tin provides around 500 cups of instant coffee.

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Nescafe Classic is exactly that! This is one of the best known quality soluble coffee’s in South Africa and perfect for coffee machines. In fact, it is difficult to think about a better soluble coffee and we do not stock any other of this variety because of that.

Nescafe Classic is a soluble coffee of the spray-dried variety, as is Ricoffy. The correct terminology is “an agglomerulated soluble coffee”. It is made by extracting coffee compounds from the coffee beans as a liquid. This liquid extract is then sprayed against a hot surface (usually a tall spray dring tower where the liquid tumbles down the sides and dries out as it does) that evaporates the water and leaves a coffee solid behind. Repeating this over and over builds up the coffee granule that you scoop out of the bottle or tin. It’s a bit like building a snowball, it starts with a small core and this then has more and more coffee solid added until its a granule!

So what makes Nescafe Classic so great that it has few equals? The story starts in 1929 when Brazilian bankers sough Nestle’s help in saving an excess stock of coffee beans that resulted from the stock market crash of that year. A team inside Nestle got to work to convert the beans into an instant coffee drink – one that could be stored for a while.

By 1938, they had created Nescafe, using the first three letters of Nestle and adding “cafe” afterwards. It makes sense but have you thought of the name like this? The est is history

We sell Nescafe Classic in 1kg tins for bulk users.

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