Milk System Cleaner (1 x 1000ml)

R252.00 (excl VAT)

Fresh milk foaming systems need regular cleaning to ensure that they remain hygienic and are fully operational.

Our milk system cleaner is specially formulated for coffee machines and it can be used to clean:

  • milk circuits
  • steam wands
  • other dairy equipment.

The cleaner comes in a 1000 ml per bottle with an auto-doser that makes cleaning simple. We recommend a weekly clean for optimal performance ad hygiene.



There are three types of cleaner that are needed for your coffee machine:

  1. Coffee Machine Cleaning Tablets
  2. Descaling Liquid
  3. Milk System Cleaner

This product is the third one – a Milk System Cleaner.

This is the most important cleaner for general hygiene purposes because milk that is left exposed will attract bacterial growth. FOr that reason we recommend a once per week clean.

The procedure takes no more than five minutes.

You simply create the cleaning solution by mixing 50 ml of the Caffenu® Milk System Cleaner with 500 ml of cold water. PUt the milk suction tube into this solution and on any automatic coffee machine, just press for steamed milk or milk foam.

The machine will then think the soution is milk and pull it through the frothing system like it would the milk. The difference is that it will not clean the tubes.

Once the entire 550ml has gone through the system (and you may need to press the steamed milk/milk foam button a few times to get it used up) simply repeat but with clean and fresh cold water. THis will rinse any residual milk system cleaner out the system.

Important: Follow cleaning instructions as per your respective manufacturer’s user manual.
Recommended usage: It is recommended that you clean your milk system at least once a week.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry area and away from foodstuffs.