Java Blend (Mocha Java) Filter Coffee (50 x 80g)

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Enjoy the smooth drinking offering that our Mocha Java brings you. It is the coffee for everyday drinking and is presented in an 80 g sachet for 10 cups of delicious coffee.

Our Mocha Java blend offers smooth drinking pleasure in a 80g sachet offering with 50 sachets per box.

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Mocha Java is one of the old favourites in our filter coffee range. The original blend, and some say this is the oldest coffee blend, was a blend of coffee from Indonesia and Yemen.

Today, Ethiopian coffee  (which you can read about here) is blended with Indonesian to offer the iconic blend.

Indonesian coffees come from seven regions of which the best know is probably Sumatra. Grown on smallholder farms, the coffee is very smooth and slighly sweet. Higher acidity coffee, with distict citrus notes, is also found in this region and this balances the body.

Mandheling, named after the local population of Nothern Sumatra,  is well known. It is a common coffee in Mocha Java around the world.

Sulawesi is the second coffee growing region, and is on the eastern side of Borneo island. The high altitudes and soils bring spice notes to the coffee, but they are no less sweet and offer good body. Much of the processing is by wet hulling, which is known locally as “giling basah.

Java coffee is some of the oldest in Indonesia and was part of the initial Dutch coffee plantation approach. So it is no surprise that blending Mocha Java coffee has a long tradition,.

Bali is also a coffee growing region of Indonesia. It is mainly wet processed and again like other Indonesian coffees, it brings body and citrus notes to the cup.

Flores is an island that has rich volcanic soils, and higher slopes. Organic farming is possible because of the richness of the soils and the flavour profile is very characteristic, with florals and  chocolate notes. Perfect for Mocha Java, but difficut to get hold of.

Sumbawa is another island that produces a coffee known as Tambora coffee.

Finally, Papua (New Guinea) produces coffee at altitudes of over 1300m which is a good altitude for quality arabica coffee. The coffee here is largely organically grown and processed using the wet hulled process.

Enjoy your Mocha Java coffee!

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