IN-10 In-line Water Filter

R499.00 (excl VAT)

The In-10 water filter is perfect for the removal of scale (calcium) causing minerals and general removal of fine particles. This will keep water temperatures hot and prevent blockages caused by calcium in the hot water tubes. It is used on smaller automatic coffee machines and coffee vending machines drawing water from a water barrel.

Sold as a single unit.




Water filters are essential for coffee machines. The fact is that most water contains calcium and over time this mineral builds up on the metal surfaces of your coffee machine.

This is called scale and it can really affect how well your coffee machine works.

Imagine trying to iron a shirt with a hot iron, but instead of the hot iron surface coming into contact with your clothing, there was a 2cm layer of porcelain covering it…. you’d not get the heat through to the material right? That is is same principle that applies to your coffee machine boiler.

When the boiler in your coffee machine is coated in scale, it doesn’t make the  water as hot as it should. You get a lukewarm cup of coffee and are unhappy.

Siliphos Water Filters

The In-10 water filter contains Siliphos as the active anti-scale ingredient. This economical and effective water filter media is a polyphosphate containing silicate.

Siliphos prevents scale and stops corrosion. It stops the deposition of scale onto metal surfaces and also reduces corrosion by putting a thin layer of protection on metal surfaces.

One other benefit is that over time, it removes existing scale!

Benefit vs Cost

Yes, you will have to pay a few hundred Rand for a water filter, but it will last for 2000 litres or 10000 cups… now at around R500, that is just 5c per cup. Very reasonable! Especially if you just paid R300 for a kg of coffee beans which works out at R2.70 for a cup!

We thoroughly recommend this water filter for use in smaller coffee machines and in situations where water is drawn into the coffee machine from a water barrel (say 20 litres).

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 25 cm