Coffee Cups – Hot Walled (250ml x 1000)

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Hot walled coffee cups  are economical but are insulated to allow the handling of hot drinks.

They have a single layer of a slightly thicker paper card to insulate the coffee heat from your hands. Perfect for coffee drinks that contain milk.

We sell them in boxes of 1000 cups.

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Paper cups are recyclable and cost effective. There are three types of paper cups for hot drinks: hot walled or single walled. double walled and ripple or ribbed cup.

So what is the difference between a hot walled and a double walled or ribbed cup? Hot walled coffee cups are made from a single layer of a thicker paper to protect hands from hot coffee.

However while the additional layer protects, it also adds tremendous environmental costs. More processing is needed and more energy is the requirement. Making a single wall cup needs less less energy and paper. There are of course other environmental savings too with a single walled cup. For example carbon emissions of transportation drop as the cups are lighter and recycling is easier too.

The benefits of a coffee cup that is hot walled can be summarised as a 55% reduction in paper needed and a 20% decrease in carbon emissions!

Yes we get it… more heat is transferred to the outside of a hot walled cup than a ribbed cup. But what if that single layer was a little bit thicker?

For many coffee drinkers, who prefer cappuccino or latte, the reduced temperature of these drinks from the steamed and foamed milk (always cooler than hot coffee liquid), a single paper layer will suffice.

In fact, hot walled cups are suitable for serving milk based beverages up to 80°C. In cases where an americano or black filter coffee is made, it may actually be cheaper to put two single walled cups together. The reason being that because ribbed cups are more expensive than hot walled, the odd “double cup” from a box of 1000 hot walled cups, will still not bring the overall cost of hot walled cup usage anywhere near the cost of 1000 ribbed cups.

The choice is yours as we sell both, so see what works for you.

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