1883 Maison Routin Hazelnut Coffee Syrup (1 x 1lt)

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Enjoy a hazelnut hit in your coffee with our 1883 Maison Routin syrups that are specially imported from France where flavour experts blend flavours that are perfectly suited to coffee drinks.

Our Hazelnut Syrup brings that well loved hazelnut undertone into your coffee to enhances the coffee note without overpowering it.

We offer you 1 litre bottles.



1883 Maison Routin hazelnut coffee syrup is one of three of the syrups we offer you for your coffee. The others are vanilla syrup and caramel syrup and we suggest you place all three flavours at your coffee machine. This will offer a great choice of flavours to your staff or guests.

This hazelnut syrup is sourced from the 100 year old French flavour house, Maison Routin.  The history and success of this company is clear in each drop and in the resulting taste, which is sweet, but not overpowering.

As far as history goes, our love affair with hazelnuts is thought to have begun about 5000 years ago with the nut itself originating in Asia. Indeed, Chinese documents describe this nut some 5000 years ago. It was however the Greek and Roman Empires that saw the nut spread across Europe.

These nutritional nuts are high in vitamin E and K, iron, thiamin, magnesium and zinc, and so eating them is both a pleasure and healthy.

They are now produced all over the world, from Chile to the USA to Asia, but of the production of hazelnuts, which reached a million tonnes in 2017, around 70% of this came from Turkey alone.

We are happy that this humble nut has come so far because a few millilitres of the 1883 Maison Routin Hazelnut coffee syrup added to your coffee will make a wonderful difference.

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