Gaia Fresh Milk Coffee Vending Machines

R45,900.00 (excl VAT)

The Gaia fresh milk coffee vending machine is a winner in corporate offices where high quality beverages and cost saving are needed.

This machine offers hot beverages made with fresh milk. With a bean canister and two additional canisters inside, this coffee vending machine can offer on board hot chocolate and sugar, or flavoured latte powder such as caramel latte.

Serve staff and visitors coffee shop quality coffee every day at an affordable cost.

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Gaia fresh milk coffee vending machines use fresh milk combined with bean to cup coffee making to produce coffee that is as good as any coffee store bought coffee.

It is the perfect machine for the corporate setting where facility managers seek quality beverages but with control.

With a 5 l fridge attached to keep the milk cool, and a bean canister, the coffee machine can make espresso, white coffee, black coffee, cappuccino and cafe latte at the press of a button. As it also has canisters for sugar and hot chocolate, the range of drinks is greatly expanded.

All ingredients are locked in the machine, so you can have great coffee with fresh milk without worrying about misuse. It is well recognised by office coffee providers that fresh milk is often abused by staff. It ends up in cereal and glasses and the cost of its supply can spiral without control.

Gaia fresh milk coffee vending machines is the perfect office coffee machine for the slightly larger office application where quality drinks are important but where smaller automatic coffee machines will not offer the capacity needed.

Technical Specifications:
Size (H x D x W): 1360 x 920  x 600 mm
Weight: Approximately 67kg
Power: 1500W for Coffee Machine and 1500W for Fridge
Water Supply: Plumbed in or external water barrel in cabinet beneath machine
Features of Gaia Fresh Milk Coffee Vending Machines
Single button for composite drinks like cappuccino and caffe latte
Offers: Espresso, Black, White,  Cappuccino, Mochaccino,  Hot Chocolate etc
7 hot beverage options
Integrated fridge with a 3 litre volume
Cup warmer
Simple to operate and clean
Recommended for sites needing up to 100 cups of coffee per day