Avenia Filter Coffee Machine

R4,290.00 (excl VAT)

The Avenia range of filter coffee machines are fast and reliable. Within 7 minutes you can have 10 freshly brewed cups of filter coffee. We can also supply the filter coffee packed as 50 x 80g.

Key Technologies:

  • 2 x 1.8lt glass bowls included
  • 70 Cups / hour
  • Brew time of 6-7 minutes per bowl
  • Power usage of 2.1kW
  • Height/width/depth (mm): 430 /205 / 340


Filter coffee machines offer bulk coffee in very short time. However, the process of making coffee differs from that in automatic coffee machines and traditional espresso machines.

A filter coffee machine uses gravity to make coffee and not pressure from a pump like an espresso coffee machine would use. They usually have an internal tank that holds the exact quantity of water to fill a 1.8l flask.

Around 60-80g of coffee is placed on top of a paper filter in the brew basket, and on starting the machine, water is pumped through a boiler and hot water drips onto the coffee in the brew basket. Gravity does the rest and eventually all 1.8l of water is stored in the glass bowl under the filter as freshly brewed coffee.

This method requires pre-ground coffee to be available and we supply these in 80g sachets which are convenient to use and pre-weighing ensures you always have a great bowl of coffee – not too strong and not too weak.

The glass bowl can be left on a heat pad in most machines. Our Avenia filter coffee machine has two pads – one for the coffee being made and one for coffee in the bowl being used. The alternative is to brew directly into a 1.9l stainless steel vacuum flask that can be sealed with a pouring cap. This keeps coffee hot for a few hours. It also remains fresher for longer.

We prefer the vaccum flask over the glass bowl because coffee does not need to be left exposed to air and heating on the heat pad. Over the course of a few hours, evaporation leads to a concentration of the filter coffee and sometimes an over-brewed taste. However, many of our clients want the smell of fresh brewed coffee and to see the coffee in the bowl. We totally understand this!

Our Avenia filter coffee machines are reliable and produce quality filter coffee.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 36 × 45 cm