Dilmah – English Breakfast Tea (Envelope)(25 x 2g)

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Enjoy our English Breakfast Tea from Sri Lanka.

Individual envelopes ensure freshness and enjoyment. Specially selected and packed by Dilmah, a world leader in quality tea sourcing, blending and packing.

Our envelopes contain a 2 g individual tagged teabag packed in an envelopes. There are 25 enveloped per box and are sealed for freshness.



English Breakfast tea, of the purest form, originally contained a blend of  teas from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya.

These names have stuck with tea blenders even though the geo history has changed quite dramatically. Where is Assam and where is Ceylon?

Ceylon is now called Sri Lanka and is an island state of the southeast coast of India. It is particularly well known for tea growing and processing. Its highlands produce higher quality tea than its lowlands due to the humidity, lower temperatures, and rainfall.

Assam is a state of India. Situated in the north of India, it borders Bhutan to the north and is in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The relatively high rainfall of this region is thought to be a major factor in the quality of the tea produced here. Combined with soil type and climate, the taste profiles of Assam grown teas are also rated highly. It’s a worthy addition to the English Breakfast tea blend.

Kenya, located in East Africa, is the third largest exporter of tea after India and Sri Lanka. Although tea was only introduced to Kenya in 1903, the country has seen its tea fortunes rise dramatically since then. Its tea has a more brownish colour and is known to be “full bodied” and so is incorporated into numerous blends. It is therefore not at all surprising to find Kenyan tea in the English Breakfast tea blend.

Each region brings its history of tea development and unique tastes to every teabag we supply. Blended together, you get a quality flavour packed tea. Try our Earl Grey tea too!

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