Dilmah – Earl Grey Tea (Envelope)(25 x 2g)

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Enjoy our Earl Grey Tea from Sri Lanka. Packed in individual enveloped for freshness and counter presentation. Specially selected and packed by Dilmah, a world leader in quality tea sourcing, blending and packing.

We offer 25 envelopes containing a tagged 2g teabag. These individually wrapped teabags offer the highest freshness and quality.



The interesting history of Earl Grey tea can be found in the description we attached to our Earl Grey Tagged teabags (50  x 2g)

The key learning about this wonderful products is that it contains Bergamot oil which is sourced from the Bergamot orange.

The Bergamot oil is no simple oil, and nor is it easily replicated by other orange oils. Its paradox is that the Bergamot orange is more bitter than other common varieties, but the oil it produces is sweet.

Originally from the area around Reggio di Calabria in Italy, the fruit grows best in slightly acidic soils and benefits from the sea breezes of the region. The oil has been used by Italians for centuries as a “refresher” and “calming” agent. On skin, it is purported to increase suppleness and so has a history in massage oils. When taken by mouth, it tastes pleasant and is known to reduce stress. It is not difficult to understand then why the sweet oil goes so well with the Earl Grey tea leaves that are bitter. It is also not by accident that the feeling of increased vigour from the tea and its caffeine is then contrasted by the stress relieving properties of the Bergamot oils.

Our Earl Grey tea is therefore the ideal tea when you need a “pick-me-up” with great tea flavour, but also when you need to relax and manage stress. Not much is known about the life of Earl Grey, but we can be certain that after he started drinking the tea named after him, he must have been a lot more content!

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