Dilmah – English Breakfast Tea (Tagged)(50 x 2g)

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English breakfast tea, often just called¬† “breakfast tea” is a blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas.

Enjoy our English Breakfast Tea from Sri Lanka. Specially selected and packed by Dilmah, a world leader in quality tea sourcing, blending and packing.

We supply this tea in packs of 50 x 2g tagged teabags in foil seal and boxed for freshness.



English breakfast tea has a rich and interesting history that dates back to the 18th Century. It is undoubtedly a firm favourite among tea drinkers and one of two specialty teas that we offer our customers.

No surprise us that it was originally blended to pack a punch at breakfast. So being stronger in taste, it mixes well with milk, which is a traditional breakfast staple in English culture.

However, its origins are more mixed and in fact the first English Breakfast tea was probably made in the USA!

It is believed that Richard Davies made a blend of Pekoe, Congou and Pouchong tea in 1843 which was extremely popular. This tea was then copied by other tea blenders and the name English Breakfast tea was applied to the blend which spread out from America.

Of course, the English have a slightly different view, although it is not clear which version holds the most truth. In this version, Queen Victoria tasted a tea in Scotland and loved it so much that she arrived back in London with a chest full of it.

With the Queen putting her seal of approval on the tea, it became fashionable and again over time, it was popularised. Of course the irony was that, it was more Scottish Breakfast Tea than English breakfast tea… !

Regardless, it’s a great tasting tea with pedigree, and we supply you with the blend made by Dilmah, one of Sri Lanka’s best loved tea makers who also make our Earl Grey tea.

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