1883 Maison Routin Caramel Coffee Syrup (1 x 1lt)

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Our 1883 Maison Routin coffee syrups add flavour to coffee. This 100 year old French flavour house brings new meaning to flavour.

The caramel flavour adds a little sweetness to coffee without overpowering the coffee taste.

We supply the product in 1 litre plastic bottles.



1883 Maison Routin caramel coffee syrup is another way of adding sweetness with flavour.

Caramel has been loved through the centuries. So where did it come from?

The history is not clear and the first hint comes from the Latin cannamella which means cane honey. One can imagine that the heating of sugars and the brown liquid that emerged would look and taste like a honey. Some say it originated later from the world calamellus which is again a reference to cane. Only in the 18th Century did the word formally enter the English language.

Caramel coffee syrup is made by heating sugar. As the water is removed, the sugars undergo a chemical change. The specifics are complex, but suffice to say, the sweet brown result is the caramelisation of sugar. The caramel is then diluted with water.

Caramelisation is actually a two part change – first the obvious browning of the sugars and second, the taste change. Today, caramel is made commercially by heating sugar and adding glucose to prevent it crystalizing. 

Our 1883 Maison Routin caramel coffee syrup can be added to taste in your coffee. We add more to milk based drinks like a cafe latte to flavour the milk, rather than to change the taste of the coffee component. This results in a natural sweet taste that is contrasted by the acidity of the coffee itself.

We recommend you place a stand with three 1883 Maison Routin syrups and we add vanilla syrup and hazelnut syrup to the range.

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