Bianchi Sprint Instant

R20,900.00 (excl VAT)

The Bianchi Sprint instant coffee machine is the perfect machine for offices where drink choice and economy are needed. Accepting either Ricoffy, Nescafe Classic or Jacobs Kruning, and having four other canisters for sugar, milk, hot chocolate and a latte powder or even a decaffeinated coffee, it is a one-stop coffee station.


Coffee Black/ White
Hot Chocolate
Espresso Choc
Hot Water with Milk
Hot Water


Our instant coffee machine range includes the easy to use coffee vending machine, the Bianchi Sprint Instant. This Italian designed coffee machine offers instant coffee, hot beverages and on-board sugar and milk. It joins the Bianchi Sprint bean to cup coffee machine to complete the range of office coffee machines.

Key Technologies:

  • Espresso; black and white coffee; cappuccino; hot chocolate; moccachino; latte; chocochino; hot water. All drinks have a choice of with or without sugar.
  • We can programme the machine’s drink strength to your taste
  • Milk powder; instant coffee; sugar; hot chocolate (double)
  • We can programme anything from 125ml to 250ml
  • Either water mains or a drum with a water pump (we can supply and fit)
  • Can be set to free vend or we can fit a token acceptor or coin acceptor
  • Height: 545 mm / width: 385 mm / depth: 440 mm / weight: 27 kg.

This instant coffee machine is perfect for offices that want all ingredients in the machine and off the counters. This allows control of the use of ingredients and reduces excess portions and of course, unauthorised removal of ingredients. It also improves hygiene.

The instant coffee machine can be fitted with a token, coin or card system and this is used to control usage.

Coffee is a critical offering to staff in most businesses. It motivates them and offers them a comforting break beverage. However, office managers still need to manage costs and these methods of control are very effective. The card reader can for example, be programmed to issue 2, 3, 4 (whatever number) of cups per card per day. If the staff member is away, their day’s coffee allocation falls away at midnight.

The card reader can be used on both the instant coffee machine range or the bean to cup coffee machine range.

Contact us to let us help you to keep the coffee on the table for your staff even when budgets are constrained.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 52 × 47 × 65 cm