Bergamo F2 Coffee Machine

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The Bergamo F2 is the perfect choice for high volume areas and offers you a choice of two different coffee blends in the same machine.

You can have two different blends or have a regular and a decaffeinated coffee from the same machine. This option makes it the perfect choice for quick service locations such as coffee cafes and offices.

The machine has a colour touch screen giving you 24 coffee drinks to choose from and the patented fresh milk frothing system gives you a perfect cappuccino or latte every time. Add automation for cleaning, and you have a very sophisticated yet very easy to operate coffee machine.


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Key Specifications

  • Advised daily output: 300 cups
  • Water supply: can be a 20 litre water barrel or mains water connection
  • Beans and grinders: Two bean hoppers each with a capacity of 1200 g with two ceramic grinders
  • Waste hopper capacity: approx. 100 pucks (Based on 10g / Shot)
  • Coffee machine: 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 1500-1700W
  • Coffee machine: 340mm (W) x 540mm (D) x 830mm (H)
  • Weight: 37kg

Suggested Use

We sugges these coffee machines are best used in quick service cafe’s, restaurants and office coffee pause areas. The ability to place two types of coffee bean allows both a decaffeinated and a regular coffee, or two types of regular coffee bean, to be easily used.

In office coffee environments, the decaffeinated option overcomes the problem of having to supply decaffeinated instant coffee on the side. This is an inferior product which then leaves those preferring decaffeinated coffee, feeling left out and of course, not enjoying the same quality of coffee others in the office are drinking.

The level of automation makes it simple for anyone to operate and with auto cleaning, even that part is made very simple too.

The Bergamo F2 will provide consistently made coffee and removes the variability that different baristas sometimes bring to coffee serving locations.


Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 36 × 56 × 85 cm