Latte powders are flavoured powders containing milk and other ingredients that offer a rich and delicious drink. They can be flavoured with vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and caramel flavours to provide a hot drink.

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  • Caramel fudge powder for coffee machines

    Caramel Latte Powder (1 x 1kg)

    A very popular latte powder that brings you a caramel explosion when mixed with hot milk and water. Mix with hot milk and water for a rich caramel ...
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  • Spicy Chai Latte powder for use in coffee machines

    Chai Tea Latte (1 x 1kg)

    Chai latte is a mix of water, milk, and black tea with chai spices. These are typically cinnamon, pepper (black), cardamom, cloves,  ginger and star ...
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  • White hot chocolate powder for coffee machines

    White Chocolate Powder (1 x 1kg)

    Our unashamedly decadent white chocolate drink! The addition of a white chocolate powder to your coffee machine will bring shouts of joy from staff ...
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