Coffee is what we are all about. I’s what we have been about since 2003. Yes, we sell and rent machines to make it, but they are purely a means to an end. It is only the taste that matters.

We supply a range of coffee products. These are mainly instant or soluble, beans and filter. We also offer some other related products such as latte powders and syrups that enhance the flavour of your favourite drink.
Instant Coffee
Made from an extract from mainy Robusta beans, instant granules  readily dissolved in hot water and offer tremendous economy and convenience. It is as simple as taking a spoon and adding the granules to a mug before adding hot water and stirring.

The trade-off is taste. It may come close, but instant cannot replicate a good espresso or filter based beverage.
Coffee beans
Whole beans can be ground to make espresso and filter, and liquidised in a special process that extracts the desirable compounds for instant or soluble coffee.

Whole beans are our core focus because we know that our customers prefer espresso based drinks such as cappuccino and latte.
Filter Coffee
Filter coffee is made from ground beans. Here the blend and the grind specification can make a massive difference to taste, never mind the kind of machine that is used to make your drink!

Our range of products are constantly updated and so please return here to review the changes. Of course, call us to get advice on what might be best for you.

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