Cleaning Chemicals

We have selected a range of cleaning chemicals that are perfect for use in office and factory environments. These include cleaning aids for your coffee machine, surfaces such as floors and counters and sanitisers and soaps for keeping hands clean.

Coffee Machine Cleaning Chemicals

These are specially formulated for use inside your coffee machine. They are all 100% food safe chemicals and contain natural ingredients too.

The formulation takes into account the need to be gentle, but to also remove fats, oils and calcium from the surfaces for good operation and hygiene of your coffee makers.

Our products are made by CaffeNu, a local South African company that has taken the world of coffee machine cleaning chemicals by storm. Home grown brilliance!

Hand Cleaning Chemicals

Hand cleaners are necessary on any office environment to prevent transmission of germs among staff. They consist of soaps and disinfectants or sanitisers.

A hand soap contains degreasing agents to remove fats and oils from hands. These layers provide a bonding surface for bacteria and must be removed, but very gently.

Sanitisers contain a disinfectant chemical that kills bacteria and viruses.

Surface Cleaning Chemicals

These hard hitting chemicals rid surfaces of dirt and in some cases, also offer disinfectant properties. Bleach for example, will clean and disinfect at the same time.

We offer pure cleaners, pure disinfectants and a combination. This allows you to choose a product that meets your needs for cleanliness and germ free surfaces.  Have a look below and contact us for expert advice on what to use in your situation.


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