Tea is one of the oldest known beverages. It is believed to originate from Asia, notably the area where Burma and China meet,

The botanical name is Camellia sinensis. 

The discovery and use of tea revolved around its medicinal properties.

The processing of this wonder leaf has changed over time. We learn that during the Tang dynasty, it was first steamed, pounded and set as small cakes. In the Song dynasty, tea was processed and stored as loose leaves. Later, during the Ming dynasty, green leaves became popular and so they were fried before being stored. Finally, oolong tea was developed. Oolong required the leaves to be partly oxidized and then fried.

However, it was the black variety or fully oxidized tea that gained popularity in the rest of the world when it was introduced by the Dutch into Europe. The English were not far behind, but its popularity in England had to wait until the 18th Century and indeed even later because it was considered expensive.

By the 19th Century, Indian tea was growing in popularity and prices had fallen to where ordinary houshoulds could afford it. The rest, as they say, is history and today it has become one of the worlds most popular drinks.

One key debate is around the caffeine content of tea. It does contain caffeine and it is not an insignificant 50mg average per cup. It also contains theobromine which is another stimulant.

Enjoy the best of all worlds with a drink that has health, taste and stimulating benefits!

Our range includes traditional black ceylon and rooibos. We will describe each in more detail when describing each product.

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