Coffee syrups are a popular flavour enhancer for coffee.

However, they not only add a litle sweetness to the coffee, but the flavour of hazelnut, caramel or vanilla. This is welcomed by millions of coffee drinkers across the world as a way to introduce taste variability and for the sweet toothed among us, to sweeten their coffee.

We all know that the tongue is our organ of taste but what you many may not know is that adding sweetness to coffee changes the way our tongue perceives other tastes. So adding a flavoured syrup, not only sweetens the coffee but it changes the taste profile of the coffee too.  Why not have a read of this article if this interests you  and find out one of the reasons why.

Our coffee syrups are made by the French manufacturer Maison Routin, who have been a flavour house for over 100 years. The company was started by Philibert Routin who was known as an exceptional herbalist. In fact his first product, Chambery Vermouth was made from herbs collected in the Alps, and went on to become the well known product it is today.

Our imported range is of course, alcohol free, but it comes from the same experience that Maison Routin applied to the making of their first product. It has been tried and tested over 50 years and is an excellent flavour enhancer in any coffee drink.

Just add a shot of any of these syrups to transform the flavouring of your drink!

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