Sweet tasting food has been an attraction for humans since before recorded history and it is no surprise that sugar and sweeteners are so popular.

We love to have sweetness in our diets and while honey and plant nectars were ostensibly the main supply of sweetness in ancient times, sugar itself became known first in Asia. Records show it was known as far back as 325BC!

Today sugar is a part of many foods and in fact, it has become so ingrained in our diets as to cause issues with health. High sugar containing diets are known to lead to weight gain and to cause imbalances in our ability to manage blood glucose levels.

Sweeteners were discovered in the early 1800’s and have since gained popularity during sugar shortages around WW1 and WW2. More recently, their popularity has surged as we have tried to retain sweetness in our diet, while trying to reduce weight gain associated with sugar.

Frontier Coffee offers both natural sugar products, notably our vending sugar and sugar sachets and then our two different sweeteners . One is based on sucralose and the other contains a blend of saccharin/cyclamate/acesulfame-k.

Whatever satisfies your sweet craving, we have a product for you.

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