Instant coffee – you either hate it, like it or tolerate it! The point is that we are all different and our tastes are all different right?

This type of coffee is made by extracting the desired coffee componds from the coffee bean and drying these in one of two ways.

However, that said, not all are the same and we stock a full range of to meet your tase expectations. Our coffee range brings you Ricoffy, Nescafe and a wonderful alternative – Trovato Gold. This is a freeze dried coffee imported from Jacobs Kronung country… Germany!

Blended Instant Coffee

Ricoffy is a blended coffee made from coffee, maltodextrin and chicory. Since it does not contain 100% instant coffee but has added ingredients, it is the cheapest coffee tasing substitute on the market. Frisco is another coffee that is in the same category.

Spray Dried Pure Instant Coffee

Nescafe Classic is the most well known pure instant coffee. It contains nothing but coffee. Spray drying is a process where the hot coffee liquid is sprayed onto the wall of a hot surface and the water evaporates leaving the powder.

Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

The pinnacle of instant coffee is freeze drying. Here a thin layer of the coffee liquid is placed in large trays and then subjected to rapid cooling in a vacuum. The result is such rapid extraction of water that the thin layer solidifies and then breakes unto thousands of little pieces. Like a mirror shattering.

Jacobs Kruning and Nescafe Gold are the best examples. We have found better! Our Trovato Gold comes from Germany, just like jacobs Kruning.

Choose your coffee from our range. There is one for your palate and we even stock a decaffeinated Nescafe product for those who prefer no caffeine in their coffee.



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