There is nothing to beat the taste of hot chocolate and latte powders from a coffee vending machine!

Coffee is great and we drink a lot of it at Frontier Coffee, but every now and then, it’s nice to have a change and that is why we offer a range of hot chocolate and latte powders. They can be used in our bean to cup coffee and instant coffee vending machines. If you want to use them with our automatic coffee machines, simply add to cup, add a little hot water from the machine and mix to a thick paste, then add steamed milk. Delicious!

We have two hot chocolate options: the Swiss Hot Chocolate is formulated to offer slightly more milk than the Belgian Hot Chocolate. It is more creamy and has less of a cocoa taste. It is similar to Nestle Hot Chocolate, which we also offer.

The Belgian Hot Chocolate has a deep cocoa taste – as Belgian chocolate does. It contains more cocoa and is for those who like hot chocolate to taste of cocoa.

Our latte range includes the old favourites: Chai Tea Latte, for a spicy tea flavour in a milky base; White Hot Chocolate for a creamy drink and Caramel Latte which offers those caramel/toffee flavours.

All these hot chocolate and latte powders are formulated for use in coffee vending machines, so buy with confidence that you’ll soon be enjoying a rich and satisfying drik

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