Our filter coffee blends have been carefully selected to offer exceptional coffee taste.

Filter coffee blends are no less an art than that for making the best espresso coffees. In fact, it may be more of an art because the coffee is in contact with water for a lot more time than in an espresso maker.

Filter coffee is made by passing hot water through ground coffee using gravity as the “pump”. This then can result in more of the undesirable taste compounds being extracted from the filter coffee than in espresso machines.  Remember,  with espresso based coffee, only 45ml of water is used, but a filter coffee requires 200ml of coffee.

Our Filter Coffee Blends

It isn’t for a lack of trying that we only offer two filter coffee blends. The truth is that we have only found two blends that offer the best taste and we have stuck with them. These are favoured by our clients and we have been serving them for over 17 years now.

Our Java blend is smooth and contains both Ethiopian and Indonesian coffees. This Moccha Java coffee is ready for everyday coffee drinking. It is smooth and yet, rich in flavour. It is our best selling of the two filter coffee blends

The Platinum blend contains more body. This filter coffee bend is primarily Brazilian and Central South American in origins. The citrus undertone of one of the Central South American coffee origins is, we believe, what makes this a very special coffee.  It is well rounded and a coffee that is perfect for the discerning coffee palate.

Why not try both! Many of our clients alternate each month to keep their palates challenged! Even if you are not a filter coffee lover, you will enjoy these two filter coffee blends.

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