Your coffee is important to you. It has to taste great and you go to a lot of trouble selecting and making it. But you also need to consider cups, lids and stirrers to complete it!


You can select porcelain, polystyrene and paper options for your cups. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Porecelain is the best option as it both holds heat and limits the transfer of it. Your coffee stays hotter for longer but it is expensive and best for multiple use situations (e.g. office coffee).

Polystrene is an excellent insulator too, but there are some concerns about recycling it.

Paper cups offer the best combination of heat retention and recycling and are great for take-out coffee. They come in three types: single walled, double walled and ribbed or ripple walled.


Lids are the second part of the cups, lids and stirrers trilogy. They seal in the aroma and freshness of your coffee. They also keep the heat in the cup. Most lids have a sip opening allowing you to drink your coffee while on the go.

Of course, since they are made of plastic there is an environmental concern. However, you can now get fully compostable lids made from a corn starch compound!


Stirrers used to be made mainly of plastic but now are increasingly beeing made out of wood. This is for environmental reasons and they are both compostable and recyclable. Stirrers are usually thin sticks to allow adequate stirring and economy at the same time.

Our cups, lids and stirrers are listed below.

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