Our Trovato espresso bean range includes beans that are 100% Arabica through to 90:10% Arabica: Robusta blends. We try to offer a blend for every coffee lover and their preferences.

Our Trovato Barista espresso coffee beans are a blend of Brazil and Guatemalan beans. Not just any beans from Guatemala. No way. These are sourced from a particular region where soils, climate and altitude provide the foundation for exceptional cultivation. You will taste it in the beans and can read more about this blend by clicking on the link above (we have a description of why we blend this blend)

Our Trovato Italia espresso beans are a single origin Brazilian coffee bean. Again, not just any beans, but coffee beans from a specific region in southern Brazil where we find an estate that has exceptional soils and farming practices. You’ll taste it in the bean and you’ll learn by visiting the Trovato Italia espresso beans page why we call it Italia!

Our Trovato Milano coffee beans have an Ethiopian bean in the blend because we think Africa’s best beans are not Kenyan, but Ethiopian. You can read about Ethiopia and the regions coffee beans come from by going to the product description.

For the more particular espresso palate, we look to our Trovato Roma espresso coffee beans. This blend brings the robusta species into the mix to add extra body and crema to the coffee. We balance the woodiness of the robusta  with Guatemalan beans and their chocolate undertones and floral nose.

Try each of our bean blends and if you don’t like one, return it for a full refund!

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