Our Surface Cleaners

All our surface cleaners are produced in a factory with ISO 9001 quality certification. They are well formulated and are very economical with doses per litre being lower than cheap knock-offs that cost you money instead of saving it.

We offer products in three categories:

Cleaning chemicals for removing dirt and grease

These surface cleaning chemicals include solvent cleaners, ammoniated cleaners and oxidising cleaners. This is a complete range for your office or factory and each has its own unique purpose. We can guide you on each one and when to use it and all data sheets are available. These are safe and tested products.

Disinfecting products to kill germs

These chemicals are specially formulated to contain an antibacterial agent and in most cases it is alcohol but we aso supply Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and these attach cell walls of bacteria. Again, each has its specific application criteria and we can guide you as to where and when they should be used. In all cases we strive to achieve a 99.99% efficacy rate. This is as effective as you can get outside a laboratory situation.

Combination cleaning and disinfecting products

The best of both worlds. The detergent component strips the grease and dirt away to allow the disinfectant to have maximum efficiency! It is a one-stop product because there is no need to clean twice if cleaning and sanitising. The data sheet will assist you to find the right dilution, but the fact that tis is a 2 in 1 solution makes it one of the most economical cleaner/disinfectant combinations.

The disinfectant containing products are all SABS/SANS certified to be effective and properly formulated.

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