Coffee machines, like any precision piece of equipment, need to be kept clean and well maintained if they are to offer you great coffee. We supply a range of coffee machine cleaning chemicals designed to do just that!

There are three types of cleaners for coffee machines:

Descaling Chemicals

These are very, very important because they remove limescale from the surfaces of parts in contact with water. In South Africa, we have hard water, or water with a lot of calcium and other ions. These bind to metalic surfaces and reduce the heat transfer between the boiler and the water in it. The other issue is that over time, they can block pipes.

Our coffee machine cleaning chemicals include a descaling liquid. This is a mild acid that reacts with calcium to remove it from surfaces. It is 100% food safe.

Milk System Cleaner (Cappuccino Frother)

Our range of coffee machine cleaning chemicals includes a very mild, yet very effective, milk cleaner. This is used in your milk frothing system to remove the fat layer that lines the equipment.

By doing this, you remove the bonding surface for bacteria to stick to the pipes, and spoil your milk, or worse, create a health hazard.

The product is typically used once a week and supplements your daily cleaning with hot water or the automatic rinsing cycle on your equipment.

Of all the cleaning chemicals, this is the one used most often

Brew Unit Cleaner

The last in our range of machine cleaning chemicals is the brew unit cleaner. It is a cleaning chemical that will not only remove coffee oils from the brew unit, but also clean all the components of the machine that are in contact with water.

Here you simply place a cleaning tablet in the machine (follow instructions as machines differ) and allow the product to clean yor coffee machine.

Our Machine Cleaning Chemicals

Take a look at our premium range CaffeNu milk cleaning system, coffee brewing system and boiler descaling offers below.

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